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Watch and Learn

A while back I was sparring with Rener and I remember being in danger of a choke. His attack was relentless. I tried every technique that I knew, but the choke kept getting deeper and deeper.  Seeing no other option, … Continue reading

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“Watch yourself lose” Training tip

A few weeks ago while traveling I was able to catch a purple belt in the same armlock 7 times in 10 minutes of sparring. I believe that my experience is the reason why I was able to do that. … Continue reading

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The KeepItPlayful Coin

The KeepItPlayful Coin was designed to teach us how to relax, find comfort and help us discover the flow of jiu-jitsu which is the best way to make jiu-jitsu a permanent part of our life’s journey.   I believe that everyone who … Continue reading

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Training Tip

Problem: Your favorite submission is not working as often as you would like. Answer: -Most people attack with their best submission first. -Most often the submission you attempt first does not work. -Start attacking all the submissions that are not … Continue reading

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Training Tip

Once you are able to tap a training partner at will, consider catching a submission and leaving a small opening to allow an escape.  Allowing your partner to escape will prepare you for the day when someone escapes for real. … Continue reading

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Never Give up

Tap does not mean you give up. Not returning to the mat and putting your gi in storage is how you give up. Keepitplayful and that day may never come. -Ryron

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Protect Your Neck

It’s my belief that people are unaware of how they can get injured when it comes to getting “stacked” from the guard. I also believe that if armlocks from the bottom of the guard were applied faster, people would increase … Continue reading

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