“Watch yourself lose” Training tip

A few weeks ago while traveling I was able to catch a purple belt in the same armlock 7 times in 10 minutes of sparring. I believe that my experience is the reason why I was able to do that. What I am most impressed by is the lack of observation on the purple belts part. After all the sparring was over I asked him, “Did you see how I was setting up that armlock?” He replied, “No,” this guy is on a mission to win and not on a mission to learn.  The fastest way to win is to make learning synonymous with stepping on the mat. This is one way I suggest you start learning.

When training this week, lets do something that will give us even more insight on the submissions our training partners are perfecting.

As you spar with people who are around your level, see if you can allow yourself to be defeated a few times every match. I am very aware that you normally do not lose every match but this week you will. If you are training with someone who might normally submit you once or twice try to keep it at that number, three at most. All you have to do is lose, at least once.

It is very important that you observe the way you lose and that your training partners do not know that you are on a mission to lose. What you are doing is allowing your training partners to show you their favorite submissions and how they go about executing them. This is valuable information that anyone serious about growing in jiu-jitsu would want to know. Make sure you tap fast so you can do this through the week.

The following week, look to roll with as many as the same people and notice how you are more aware of what each person is trying. Notice that your overall awareness to submissions has increased.  The jiu-jitsu game, although very complex, is actually very simple when you take the back seat and start watching. There are only a few submissions and if you keep your awareness you will soon be a master at stopping them. 

This is how I KeepItPlayful


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18 Responses to “Watch yourself lose” Training tip

  1. Another great post Ryron. I always put into practice what you teach us. Thank You

  2. Chaise says:

    I’ve been watching since day one. 😀 I can’t wait to actually get to start rolling as a blue belt so that I can feel it too!

  3. Griff says:

    Looking forward to the seminars this week.

  4. Shane Dela Cruz says:

    Thank you for this insight into how your mind works while rolling. I appreciate everything thank you again.
    Shane Dela Cruz

  5. Great idea. When I trained at GJJ Beverly Hills last summer you caught me with the same ‘step over’ mounted triangle from side control twice in one short roll. I now use that move myself almost every time I roll – it’s maybe my favorite submission of all. Thanks!

  6. Vini Ramos says:

    So awesome, Ryron! Glad we can learn from you through this blog. Last week I was sparring with a Purple Belt and after 7 minutes of sparring he actually gave up on trying to submit me… I had nerver experienced that in my life…

    Thank you.

  7. Terry Boan says:

    Thank you Ryron for that post. Another way for us to become better in our Jiu-jistu.

  8. Ryron,

    These are amazing tips once again.

    So when do you think is an appropriate time to spar at a high percentage? Maybe just when you are preparing for a competition?

    Thanks for info!


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  10. Kristine says:

    I’m new to this website and doing my best to catch up on all the available reading so bear with me a bit. When rolling does learning from your mistakes (whether that results in getting tapped or swept or what not) come with time? I’m only a humble blue belt but I’ve been easily tapped by the same exact submission multiple times in one evening and have no idea how I even ended up there let alone how to not let it happen again. It’s hard to keep it playful when you have no idea what’s going on 🙂

    • you need a partner who will do the same attack multiple times and allow you to try small movements to defend. someone who wants to help you ultimately become the best that you can be and not someone who is using you as a stepping stone. trust the art and in time you will begin to see the hidden details.

  11. Johng984 says:

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