Training Tip

Once you are able to tap a training partner at will, consider catching a submission and leaving a small opening to allow an escape.  Allowing your partner to escape will prepare you for the day when someone escapes for real. Not only will you have a plan B in place but you will have rehearsed it many times! #keepitplayful


About KeepItPlayful

I keep it playful for a living.
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15 Responses to Training Tip

  1. Ian says:

    Also allows your partner to learn to identify and openings and attempt escapes. If every door is closed no one is learning anything.

  2. Fill says:

    The most important part of The Plan is Plan B

  3. Jovan says:

    Your fight philosophy impresses me, recently i start actively practicing jiu jitsu and I’ll try to use your philosophy in my game. Greetings from Serbia

  4. Tacticum says:

    If Plan A fails, there´s 28 letters more in the alphabet…

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