The KeepItPlayful Movement

The movement is dedicated to those who choose to create movement on the mat. Everything from escaping or allowing an escape to attacking or allowing an attack, we cannot afford not to be moving.  Foresight to see how learning survival will help in competition and street but it may also be the key ingredient to keeping you on the mat and avoiding the greatest defeat.

Ryron Gracie

129 Responses to The KeepItPlayful Movement

  1. edi says:

    Ryron im a whit belt i do jujitsu 2 years and I’m flow your keep it playfull over 2 years and it really help my .how more i relax how mor i see the window of Opportunitie and how easy I escape . And if 1 day you come to gif a seminar in Holland I will be thear. The you Ryron

  2. Ser says:

    Ryron thanks for the mindset about keepitplayful. I am a whitebelt for 1 year and i train in Holland at a sport\tournament based bjj.

    Even when i try defending from all positions the majority from the class doesnt like the idea because it’s not winning the game/match.

    How can we change the mindset about sport jiu jitsu to street jiu jitsu? or to keepitplayful mindset?

  3. Walter says:


    I started training Jiu Jitsu about 3 months ago and have already begun to understand and adopt your theory of keeping it playful. I would like as many JJ practitioners to understand and adopt this philology to rolling as we as life itself. Do you have any more gi patches that you could possibly send my way? I already have the round embroided one and would like to add the longer to my Gis as well. Thank you, and please continue to spread this philosophy. I believe this is what the art of JJ was meant for, teaching us to keep it playful on the mat and in life.

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  5. Jan Daryl says:

    hi Ryron! i dont know how to contact you through your email but ill send it here, im daryl the guy from Gracie Academy Stockport UK who ask you about the keep it playful coin when you did a seminar here,we would like to say thank you very much for the coin and thank you for coming down in stockport,we really learned a lot what you taught us,especially about keeping it playful, even though we have the coin,we will always keeping it playful…we really enjoy doing keeping it playful all the time,it made us learn to observe your partner of how he set you up for submission and escape from it and just keeping the flow all the time,which it made our jiu jitsu really enjoyable to learn..thank you for the inspiration you gave us and we will practise Gracie Jiu Jitsu for life! again thank you very much! Obrigado! hopefully when we visit the states we will come around and see you and train with you again! thank you!

    Jan Daryl

  6. delgadogabi says:

    Obrigada Ryron! Sou muito grata aos ensinamentos da sua família, em todos os aspectos, Jiu-Jitsu, saúde e vida.

  7. Roscoe! says:

    Ryron and the entire Gracie family,

    Thanks so much for your continued and unwavering dedication. You share your wisdom with the masses on a daily basis for the sake of the greater good. I am a former US Marine who was constantly worried about getting my face smashed in by someone in public, being humiliated in front of my wife, or even not knowing how to contain my potential rage and possibly do something dangerous I learned while being a Marine.

    I have only trained in the Gracie Combatives program for 2 months now, but I already feel more confident and self-assured; I know this will only continue to increase as I progress. There is so much to learn about the craft as well as myself, and again I just wanted to say Thanks to you, Rener, and the family for the videos, the mindset, and the opportunity to change my own life from great to amazing.


  8. Sam says:

    Hey Ryron
    First time I’m reading about keep it playful…it’s exactly what I need .Been training for 6 years now but only last year in gi ….rest 5 (no gi) ….I’m 37 now and I get hurt pretty often , will be a challenge to rewire my mindset from heavy submission hunting to playful but after I read few pages of your posts I will try to remind myself everytime on mat to Keepitplayful.

  9. Dave Smith says:

    I am 52 years old. My son and i have trained (7 years ago)in Michigan at a few different BJJ clubs..We quit practicing after a year of being beat down by the rookie white belts and blue belts.. I recently moved to Ft Wayne Indiana and have begun training at Gracie Jiu Jitsu Ft Wayne. I have a new love and passion for Gracie Jiu Jitsu mostly because of the knowledge,friendliness, and helpfulness of my new instructors Chet and Cameron…These guys are very inspiring to all their students. There can be no better representatives of the GJJ system (family)!!!! “keeping it playful ” is now the name of my game 🙂 Thank you for sharing your families knowledge ! It is greatly appreciated !!!!

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