The KeepItPlayful Coin

The KeepItPlayful Coin was designed to teach us how to relax, find comfort and help us discover the flow of jiu-jitsu which is the best way to make jiu-jitsu a permanent part of our life’s journey.  
I believe that everyone who trains jiu-jitsu knows how to go hard. We know how to fight for a dominant position and for a submission. What we need help with is how to relax, how to flow. We need help in our transitions and being efficient with our movements. The following information will make it clear why the KeepItPlayful movement is so important and how you can KeepItPlayful the next time you step on the mat. 
KeepItPlayful Coin

KeepItPlayful Coin

-Learning to relax is one of the most difficult aspects of jiu-jitsu.
-Relaxing starts with a realization that jiu-jitsu is not about the battles its about the lifestyle.
-Every time one steps onto the mat, one steps out of their minds.
-Learning to relax happens as techniques are more understood.
-To truly understand all techniques/positions they need repetition & time.
-Most jiu-jitsu practitioners do not spend time in every position or practice most techniques.
-We stick to what we know best to decrease chances of defeat and increase chances of victory.
-Being able to truly relax one must be comfortable in all positions.
-The sooner we adopt an explorative mindset, the sooner we find comfort in all positions.
-The way to begin exploring starts with a fascination for the art from all angles.
-One should start by spending more time observing what’s happening and less time trying to control what’s happening.
-We should be as fascinated and appreciative about techniques working for us and against us.
-We should be determined to explore and observe jiu-jitsu with the goal of increasing comfort and understanding.

If you are ready to start this journey then you are ready to flip the KeepItPlayful coin.


When the coin lands on the KeepItPlayful side, we play jiu-jitsu, we allow movement at all costs because that is how we learn. We take submissions and we give submissions. We acknowledge that the need to be in control and be victorious is important but just as important is learning to relax and building comfort in all positions.


When the Coin lands on the KeepItReal side, we allow that which is real to surface. Although safety for our training partner is #1 we must still do them a service and control positions to the best of your ability and when we see an opportunity we take the submission and do not leave any space for escape.
My hope is that you are able to flow when the coin lands of the KeepItPlayful because you know that soon enough it will land on the KeepItReal side giving you an opportunity to shine and let out some steam 🙂 and remember Real or Playful we are always SAFE.
If you would like a KeepItPlayful Coin here it is!
Watch KeepItPlayful Coin breakdown on YouTube
JIU-JITSU INSTRUCTORS How to get a coin if you teach jiu-jitsu and we have shared the mat.
-Picture with myself and you + year
-Your full name
-Martial Arts school name
-School Address
-A word or a quote as to why you would like a coin.
-#KeepItPlayfulCoin or #KIPcoin
The only 3 places this info can be sent.
-MUST INCLUDE  #KeepItPlayfulCoin or #KIPcoin
Anyone who does not run a school, that does or doesn’t have a pic with me can also send in the following information and if there is enough noise from your teammates and yourself I will send out a few extra coins, probably the 12 loudest groups.
If you are part of a Certified Training Center you guys will be getting one in the mail. The goal is to have one Coin at each jiu-jitsu school that is part of the movement.
Look forward to a KeepItPlayful roll with you one day!

About KeepItPlayful

I keep it playful for a living.
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12 Responses to The KeepItPlayful Coin

  1. sergey morozov says:

    Thanks Ryron for the answer. See you soon. 😊

  2. Another great post Ryron. Thanks again my friend 🙂

  3. Vini Ramos says:

    Just to let you know I’m always here. See you soon on the mat!


  4. Bryan says:


  5. Alexander says:

    Your ideas resonate so much with my own experience in another discipline where we are left without teachers and have to think for ourselves and plan our own progression (study of medieval wrestling manuscripts)…here’s a video of myself and a couple of friends incorporating your ideas and trying to keep it playful: (position focused has, i.e. no submissions)

    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts!

  6. Derek says:

    So simple, but a fantastic idea on so many levels!
    your dedication is really appreciated.

  7. bryan1992keepitplayful says:

    Hey Ryron I know this is totally off topic, but I was wondering if you could do a YouTube video on self defense? My instructor doesn’t really go over self defense in class that much so I was wondering who better suited than you and rener.

  8. Duncan Sutherland says:

    Thank you Ryron!! I am only a two stripe white belt but I am working on my breathing and relaxation as I learn the techniques towards my blue belt in Gracie Combatives. To flow a lot more fluidly seems very challenging right now. I have a very competitive nature and it has been very ego deflating learning these basic ideals that you have promoted. It has carried over into other areas of my life. I hope to get to see you and your brother soon!

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