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Start jiu-jitsu as a child

Think about how much you wish you would have started jiu jitsu when you were younger. Now go and tell some kids about it so they can be grateful they started when they were young!! Use them, to remind you … Continue reading

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To appreciate the art to a level that when you start being defeated by people you expected to defeat, you still smile.

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Have a great weekend!!

Connected, but not attached. -Ryron Gracie

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Knowing when not to move is as important if not more important than knowing when to move. -Rener Gracie

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Have you heard of the movement ?

If you want to share Jiu-jitsu with your grandchildren the way my grandfather did with me, this movement is for you. Ryron

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Defeating Your Opponent

“I never defeated my opponents, they defeated themselves ” – Grand Master Helio Gracie

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Grand Master Helio Gracie

A man that usually kept it real, knew when to KeepItPlayful

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