It’s so real it requires play.

Before I started saying
“Keepitplayful” I would
always say “KeepItReal.”
It was something I heard
on the radio and liked.
Before long I was saying
it on the mat and I noticed
that students interpreted
that as “go for real” or ”
go hard.” When you tell
someone to go for real
in most cases they will
apply themselves at
100% to avoid having
their guard passed. I agree
that you should have the
confidence that you can
keep someone in your
guard but I also believe
that keeping someone
in your guard for over 30
seconds robs you of the
side mount survival practice.
Because I know it is so
unnatural to only control
and attack guard for 30
seconds and then allow
space for your opponent
to pass I came up with
the phrase “KeepItPlayful.”
Only someone with a playful
mindset can create the
experiences that are necessary
for comfort in all positions.

– Ryron Gracie


About KeepItPlayful

I keep it playful for a living.
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4 Responses to It’s so real it requires play.

  1. That is why Grand Master Helio always put you in worse case position’s so if you could escape them there was nothing to worry about.I remember that !!!!!

  2. Words of wisdom. I love your posts

  3. cmikewilson says:

    I found this quote by a Russian mathematician and educator and thought of Jiu-jitsu.

    Israel Gelfand believed that “students do not have shortcomings, they have only particularities. The goal of a teacher is to turn these particularities into advantages.”

  4. Duncan Sutherland says:

    Ryron, I am honored to be training in your Combatives program, even more so now in how well you fought and lost in Metamoris 6. You were truly gracious in your defeat and lived up to the standard I have come to expect from you and your brother.

    Much respect and gratitude,

    Duncan Sutherland

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