Does it matter?

“Those who spar like it matters are actually behaving like it does not matter.”
You can fight hard to prevent all kinds of submissions positions and movement, but then you do not explore all scenarios, therefore not building comfort and understanding in all positions. This is not what I suggest.

“Those who spar like it does not matter are actually behaving like it really matters.”
You can move like you are not attached to positions and submissions. This will lead to you experiencing more and therefore learning more. This is how you KeepItPlayful



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I keep it playful for a living.
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15 Responses to Does it matter?

  1. jitsman says:

    Words of wisdom. Thank you Ryron. Cooperation is always better than competition. Getting comfortable in bad situations has helped my Jits tremendously. I am no longer afraid to be in a bad spot because there is no such thing as a bad spot anymore. Oss!

  2. jitsman says:

    Words of wisdom. Thank you Ryron. The keep it Playful philosophy has increased my Jits tremendously. Because of allowing myself when training to be placed in bad situations, I have found my place of comfort and there are no more such things as a bad situation. Only and opportunity waiting to be seized to escape or attack. Cooperation and not competition is the key and motto of my school. Thank you for your shining example. Oss!

  3. bryan1992keepitplayful says:

    Thanks Ryron! I feel really motivated thanks to those awesome quotes!!

  4. Justin Giles says:

    I never roll without a goal though. Maybe it’s working on side control defense one day and mount control defense the next. I try to land in those positions. I rarely have an offensive goal. I take offense as it comes. Your thoughts?

    • The goal is always to watch what is being done. The secondary goal is what changes, the change may be from defensive to offensive. Sometimes I force my offense on people. It is all part of the study.

  5. Ismail says:

    I’m a believer. Thank you so much for sharing your insights. I know, without doubt this, mindset, will enhance my journey through the art and I feel 100% more relaxed now and content knowing that the pressure to win or avoid the tap is off and it was always an inhibitor to my learning and feeling the art.

  6. I have really embraced the playful mindest when rolling. I give up my back. I let myself get mounted. I love when folks try to choke me. I love defending armbars. I do not think of rolling as a winning/losing activity, but as a way to explore. And, sometimes I let folks submit me. Now, I am at a level where I survive/defend pretty good. But, I need improving on transitioning from defending to getting into a better position for me. I never get frustrated. It is like, I say to myself, “Keep searching. The answers are out there. I just need to explore more. I will find the opportunities to improve my jiu jitsu.” Once in awhile, I just go for it. Try to get ontop immediately, and submit; I do this once in awhile just to keep me motivated and remind myself there are two sides to the coin.

  7. This article and the later one on losing has changed the way I roll entirely! I have always been calm and relaxed but never looking at anyone besides myself. Now I can analyze everything more fully. Thanks Ryron, this has been fundamental!

  8. Torry says:

    Honestly, I don’t see how some people can spar like it matters. It’s just too fun! I’m fairly new to jiu jitsu (6 months of Gracie University) but I practice with some blue belts and although blue is still considered a lower belt, I can’t help but be amazed at the beauty in all of the different techniques and how they all work together.

    • And you still have so much more to learn! as for training like it matters. I say “dont train like it matters , train like it matters”

      meaning you are not in it for this round but the life long round.

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