It’s all about the journey


The Keepitplayful Movement is here to help you through the journey!

About KeepItPlayful

I keep it playful for a living.
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18 Responses to It’s all about the journey

  1. flyjohno says:

    A picture that my Son will take someday…

  2. Serge says:

    This way of learning the Art is the best…I’m a white belt and a lot of times I was feeling like my jiujitsu was stalling but I kept telling myself it’s not a sprint but a marathon of a life time. I rather be a white belt fighting/sparring like a higher belt and better understand the Art. A little story…I was sparring with 3rd degree purple belt and he had me on side control pretty much the whole time trying to submit me but wasn’t able to finish me (I had a couple of escape attempts but no success and so I stayed there and survived). At the end he told me with a frustrated ton of voice “it wasn’t fun to spar with someone that keeps his elbows closed to the body…You should escape”. He even forgot that I attempted some escapes but at the moments where he was focusing on the submission…So he had to switch to control. I didn’t respond to him simply because we aren’t sharing the same mindset and out of respect for my instructor’s teaching.

    Thanks for all these concepts…My confidence is higher and I enjoy the Art more in every aspect (tapping out, surviving, tapping someone, etc…But most of all sharing the philosophie with people).

  3. jwb says:

    The keepifplayful mindset has been life changing for me. It has helped me on and off the mat. Thank you so much! The picture of the belts are truly beautiful. SimpaticoGracieGarage

  4. jwb says:

    Is it wrong to always keep it playful? (I am serious)

  5. Ryron, this is a fabulous photo! An unrelated question- are these your belts? And what is customary if your belt is so shredded? Is it okay to buy a new one for yourself if you wanted to?

  6. Grant says:

    Any chance of KeepItPlayful stickers?

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  9. 75FJ40 says:


    I’m a white belt 4 stripe who has been constantly injured but continued and trained my butt off until my son was born in Jan, and I became a Mom! As you are a father now and understand the time commitment and importance, how do WE Mr. Moms deal with being away from the mats all the time (I’m hurt anyway but can train one day a week maximum) ? I know BJJ is a journey, belts do not matter to me, and I can always start up once I have the $/time, BUT…..I’m dying from not getting to train. What do I do!???

    • Jiu-jitsu is not going anywhere any time soon:) most importantly be aware of the expectaiton you set for yourself espesially when it comes to how much training you have to do, you could be so busy that even once a week is not possible. Once a week is amazing especially if you keepitplayful and keep the movement. Soon enough you will be back on track. congrats on baby!!

  10. Lazo Di Sibio says:

    Ryron, we need you back on the blog! Nothing since August :o(

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