The Universal Misunderstanding of Jiu-Jitsu

When you think you HAVE to move, you are moving into the misunderstanding.



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20 Responses to The Universal Misunderstanding of Jiu-Jitsu

  1. Bryan says:

    Saw your universal of misunderstanding video, awesome suggestions! I’ve been applying these techniques within the last couple of months and it really works, not only that it works but I feel like I’m keeping it playful and understanding.
    Thanks Ryron!!

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  3. Marco says:

    this is great. but would you please elaborate.

  4. talturios says:

    The “keep it playful” mentality needs to spread faster! It’s hard to keep it playful and learn when your partners are constantly beastrolling (full power sparring). Some schools just have that culture where they encourage that type of training. I started at Gracie Torrance in the nineties and progressed to Blue belt . I have since trained and visited many schools through the years, and I can say not many places I have been teaches like the Gracies….. period. When I was learning, the techniques stuck and flowed into the next. I understood why I was learning something.

    Now after many years, I have started Brazilian jiu jitsu training again, and man is it different now. Everything is focused on competition, random moves learned without any connection to the previous, new moves that weren’t out when I was training, and beastrollers everywhere! I can’t connect the dots and it’s not as fun as it used to be. I’m schooled in the old school Gracie way which made sense for me, but is hard to find now. I’ve been thinking about trying Gracie University with a friend of mine, and that way we can be sure to keep it playful.

  5. Felix says:

    Well said. “Just relax defend and wait for the opportunity to Escape or Advance.”


    – VBGJJ

  6. Megan W. says:

    Very cool. There’s nothing good in letting others dictate your reactions.

  7. Martin Campbell says:

    This has made me think more about whenever I get in these positions! I wish Ryron would go further in to detail on this subject explain what he means further!

  8. Adi3000 says:

    Is it ok that I spend half my time on the bottom of the side mount? Most guys are more aggressive than I am so we tend to end up there and then we seem to get stuck. For my standard my defence is ok and I hardly ever get submitted from side control but I worry that more movement would be improving my skills faster. I try to escape but find that, other than white belts, I can’t get enough distance for knee in or high low escapes and my timing on the sweeps can’t be good enough. I’ve even started lying down in the hope that people mount me just so that we can start moving again.

    • only try to escape when your partner attacks or looks to mount.

      • Adi3000 says:

        There’s a video of a seminar you gave on youtube with head and arm control from the bottom of the sidemount. It’s working great for me but I occasionally get got with an elbow cup armbar. I appreciate it is cheeky to ask for specific tips on this so feel free to ignore but any advice would be appreciated on how you make it look so easy to avoid when, as you say, at first glance the arms look exposed.

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