Training Through Teaching.


2 hours of filming
5 hours of group classes
1 private class
Sparring 30 min, one morning, one evening, intensity (7-8)

  • -Fast sparring
  • -Constant movement
  • -Allowing partners to move and not submit me
  • -Submitting partners anytime possible
  • -Controlled and safe submissions

KeepItPlayful Tuesday
2 hours of filming
6-7 group classes
3 private classes
Sparring 30 min., one morning, one evening, intensity  (4-5)

  • -Very relaxed sparring
  • -Constant movement
  • – Tap and get tapped flow
  • – Enjoy defeat
  • – Explore all inferior positions

Wednesday “Rest day”
2 group classes
8 private classes
Flow with Private class students
Give extra attention to the psychology of the art in private classes.

Thursday (No gi)
5 group classes
2 private classes
Sparring One 45 min. session intensity (8-9)

  • -6-8 oz gloves and mouthpiece
  • -Jiu-jitsu with striking
  • -Standing start-up
  • -Strikes at 10-15% to show vulnerability
  • -Establish and control dominant position
  • -Take all submissions
  • -Practice from inferior position
  • -Stay safe from punches
  • -Manage distance and manage damage
  • -Take submissions when available

Friday (No Gi)
2 hours filming
5 group classes
4 private classes
Sparring 30 min, one morning, one evening, intensity (6-7)

  • -Gloves and mouthpiece
  • -KeepItPlayful flow with striking
  • -Standing start-up
  • -Strikes at 5% to show vulnerability and create movement
  • -Constant movement
  • -Behave unskilled for your partner
  • -Fall into bad positions
  • -Get submitted and continue
  • -Look to escape
  • -Stay safe by managing distance and damage

Saturday & Sunday combined
6 group classes
2 private classes
30 min session, sparring intensity (6-7)
-Constant movement
-Take submissions
-Give submissions

Sparring intensity 4-5 is what I would use going against a blue belt
(Notice that I almost never go 100% due to self preservation)
1-3 (sparring with teenagers)
4-5 (sparring with white and blue belt adults)
6-7 (sparring with purple belts)
8-9 (sparring with black belts)
10 (sparring with Rener and Ralek)-Sparring is usually after techniques taught in group classes.-Morning and evening group classes 5 days a week + weekends-30 minutes can be positional sparring more focused making it very valuable-Intensity 10 happens once a month with brothers-Intensity 10 happens when helping a fighter or competitor prepare-Intensity 10 happens when preparing for a competition, which is rare-I teach an average of 25 hours of group classes per week

-I teach in Torrance, CA and Beverly Hills, CA
-Try to do 2 seminar weekends away per month (Friday-Sunday)
-Filming for 2-3 days per week.
-75% of my sparring is with my students in the group classes
-15% of my sparring is with professional fighters & competitors that want to learn
-I teach 15-20 private classes per week
-10% of sparring is in private classes
-I sleep from 6-7 hours per night
-I try to nap for 1-1.5 hrs everyday
-Eat 3 meals per day sometimes 4 when I start at 6 am
-No snacking 
-Do not eat any meat except for fish, once a week, mostly sushi
-Very moderate cheese
-Eggs about 3 times per week
-Never drink milk or beer
-Always drink water and coconut water
-I avoid Gluten whenever possible
-Vegetable juice 3-5 times per week
-Acai roots twice a week
-Jump in the ocean a few times a week
-Work out once a week; body weight push-ups, sit-ups, squats
-Yoga twice a week would be great
-Weekend bike rides are a goal


Thanks to the KeepItPlayful movement I step on the mat week after week. 

Thanks to my brother and partner Rener for his tremendous amount of hard work.

Thanks to my amazing wife Victoria for all of her patience and understanding. 



About KeepItPlayful

I keep it playful for a living.
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52 Responses to Training Through Teaching.

  1. avonorca says:

    Impressive, Ryron.

    Would it be bad if the 2 – 3 days I train/week were “KeepItPlayful” days? ; )

  2. Richard says:

    Amazing buddy, just amazing!

  3. Vini Ramos says:

    That is amazing… can’t wait to be in Jiu-Jitsu Heaven.

  4. Man, that’s A LOT of work. But, it seems you have reached one of the most cherished Confucian goals: “find a work which pleases you and you will not work one single day in your entire life”. One can really pick up your enthusiasm from the description of your activities. I can only hope or wish I found that in my current or in whichever line of work I may undertake along my life. Not to mention embarking on a jiu-jitsu journey as meaningful as yours.

    Thanks for the inspiration, man. Keep it up and keep it playful!

  5. Jenaro Figueroa says:

    It is so refreshing to see others live and think in a positive way and practice Jiu-Jitsu. Thank you.

  6. nitrojj says:

    much respect Ryron. Living the dream.

  7. Greg says:

    And every moment is with a smile on your face. Thanks for being yourself and an example to us all.
    It is always a pleaure to be one of your students

  8. Jim Phifer says:

    Very inspiring, thank you!

  9. You are “The Man!” Ryron. I was always curious to know what a day in the life of you and Rener was like. I greatly appreciate all hard work and dedication you do. You are amazing. Much Respect bro, Much Respect.

    • Scotty Dennis says:

      Very nice bro we at TGJJ gave definitely adopted the “Keep it playful” mindset ! March we are going to John and Mikes for a KEEP IT PLAYFUL CTC only tourney!! No weight class, no points! I’m going to def KEEP IT PLAYFUL!!! Come join us LOL!!!!

  10. Thanks for this post Ryron! I knew you were a busy man, but as Rener says “daang!” I asked via Twitter a few weeks ago how you and your brother keep such strong abdominal muscles, but got no response. Many people can’t get that definition without serious ab-specific attention. Would like to know if there is anything else you guys do to keep your core so defined. Thanks… we’re keeping it real over here! (f.y.i. just purchased a “keep it playful” patch – can’t wait to spread the message)

  11. Jeroen says:


    You avoid gluten, does that mean you avoid Renergy sandwiches? Or do you use gluten-free bread?

  12. Jonny says:

    Reblogged this on Jonny's Jiu-Jitsu and commented:
    That’s a lot of jiu-jitsu…

  13. Andres says:

    Hope one day I can be like you! Inspiration, I’m going to work con getting better today, I’m doing right focusing on private classes i love them 🙂

  14. Fill says:

    Reminds me to thank my wife daily for being so supportive and understanding.

  15. Roger says:

    It’s cool that you’ve had your black belt for many years but still manage to add training with strikes a few times a week. Strikes are unfortunately a neglected aspect of my jiu jitsu class.

  16. This is seriously cool to see, Ryron!

    You know what would take it all to the next level? Log every single meal for a week. (With photos or text- or both!) I’m only about 70% Gracie diet, and think I have most of the groups/combos memorized, but it would be really helpful to see your real-world routine. 🙂

  17. Laura Lopez says:

    Man, I wish I had your schedule!

  18. Matt says:

    That’s awesome, Ryron. I wish my school was that way. I go 2-3 times a week and everytime I spar with my classmates it’s 100% for both of us. I’ve tried to slow it down, but my fellow students don’t. So it becomes about survival. It’s like having a fight 2-3 times a week — exhausting!

  19. Wow and I thought I was busy with teaching! The information on your sparring was very insightful, thank you.

  20. Lazo Di Sibio says:

    A perfect example of leading by example!!! This is my dream life LOL!!!

  21. Hi Ryron. Thanks for all about the kippirplayful philosophy. One question how to make switch to keep it real mode. Some time it need.

    • When we keepitplayful we allow people to take our back, get triangle set up and pass our guard. You should also practice not allowing those things to happen. 50/50
      Great to hear from you!

  22. You remind me of one of my favorite sayings:
    “Be an example to the world, BEING an example to the world!”
    Thank you for your kindness, your wisdom and your patience!
    Your loyal and dedicated student
    ~ Spiritual Gangster

  23. Sparr Like A Child.All the old Korean fighting Masters that I grew up around would tell me>It finally came to me MasterRyron.When u Keep IT PLAYFUL U sparr like a child .They dont consider race gender or anything.Training like a pro athlete Sir gets all of us at GU fired up Sir.Keep all the great info coming Sir.

  24. adam says:

    Ryron, well, it happened for a second time. When i first started instructing (only a few years back), I was thrown off the mount during a 10 min intro. Big dude and i followed recommended protocol. But, the feeling of failure just soaked into me for quite some time. Just last night, again during a 10 min intro, I could not roll this dude with femurs as long as yours. Once more i followed protocol and just juiced up that original feeling of doubt and small self worth.
    I am well aware of the fact that i am near the beginning of my path toward mastery, and I hold a high expectation for myself to instruct the best i can.
    This feeling is strong and, at these times, I tend to disqualify myself. My desire is to feel confident managing any unskilled individual who steps onto my mats, no matter their size.
    I am sure these experienced are great resources because I feel them so strongly, but dang!
    Humility at its finest.

  25. Request says:

    Seminar in Brazil!!!!!!! I will post it time after time till you come dude.

  26. hambre says:

    with money

    any person can do what he wants!!!

  27. Michael says:

    Based on the minimal meat/fish, eggs, cheese, milk, and wheat, I’m guessing that you eat primarily fruits and vegetables. Is that correct? How much food do you eat at each meal?

    • every meal changes and the intake of vegetables and fruits vs. grains and nuts vs. animal products also changes.
      vegetable juices I would say are most important. I do not eat as much as I used to . I eat to be satisfied not stuffed.

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