Start jiu-jitsu as a child

Think about how much you wish you would have started jiu jitsu when you were younger. Now go and tell some kids about it so they can be grateful they started when they were young!! Use them, to remind you how to KeepItPlayful and Teach them to KeepItPlayful!


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I keep it playful for a living.
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  1. Subsequently, after spending many hours on the internet at last We’ve uncovered an individual that definitely does know what they are discussing many thanks a great deal wonderful post

  2. JParks says:

    Yes, I have thought this many times since I have started Jiu jitsu at age 37. And now I have shared the art with my son who is six and he has fallen in love with it like me. So now I can have something great to do with him for many years to come and keep it playful! I hope you get a chance to come to Colorado Springs, CO to share this concept with us. I train at Colorado Springs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Bill Hosken who is a Rigan Machado Black Belt. It would be great to host you at our school and be able to have you share this movement. Thanks for all you do for Jiu Jitsu and you are representing your Grandfather well! Take care.

    • Yes!! Play with your son and you are good to go! Tell Bill I said Hello! Look forward to coming out there one day.

      • JParks says:

        Sorry for the delay in response but the Army keeps me busy. I told Bill hello and he said to say hello back and he also hopes you can get out this way so we can host you at our school. And also I wanted to say good luck in your upcoming match with Andre Galvao. I wont make it to see it live but a bunch of us plan to watch the live stream online. Take care and we are pulling for you!

  3. Michelle A says:

    I agree 100%. My kids love it, all three of them and it is playful for them, they don’t even have to ‘try’ and make it playful, they just naturally see it through playful eyes.
    I think that life in general needs to be more playful, we grow up and get too serious. Solutions to even serious problems can be found if we avoid the barriers of seriousness and reach for playful solutions. In fact most problems exist because people forgot to be playful!

  4. just kitted out our garage making the matts the gracie way. been getting my work colleagues to come and bring their children. i actually didnt think that i could love it any more but going from training 3 hours a week to 15 hours has had an unreal effect and now with this advice i hope ill be able to keep it real on an even higher level. hopefully ill be able to come to california one day and train. keep it real my friends!

  5. hawkhardy says:

    Everything happens in its own time. The path I took led me to Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and because of that path I was ready to embrace it as the most complete fighting art I had ever seen. Even in the Jiu-Jitsu family I had to take a number of paths before I fully understood what the Grandmaster wanted to leave as his legacy. I have just recently had to make changes in my life and training because of injury and age. I have just recently embraced the Gracie Diet fully, whereas before I followed it in a half hearted manner. I have been astonished by the results. I have tried to pass this on to my students and the young people around me. Not only about this great fighting art, but the diet & lifestyle. Some understand immediately, others don’t. I don’t push or judge. How can I since my circle was so large! 🙂

  6. This is exactly why I started a kids program at our academy. We have gone from a few students to over 50 since we started. They are the next generation on teachers and ambassadors of the art.

  7. Gui Valente says:

    Just talked about this today my students. I could not agree more.

  8. Jose Aguirre says:

    The Seminar in Queens Village was awesome and the concept behind “Keepitplayful” is the mindset I will adapt from today forward. Many people will be surprised that they have tapped me but I will be laughing inside knowing that I allowed it, but have given no hint of that fact. Keeping It Real In Brooklyn!!! OnFire

  9. AD says:

    My son is 2 1/2. I train Gracie JJ about three times a week and every time I get my gear together I say “Daddy is going to Jiu-Jitsu. heahhhh” He thinks it so funny. Every time I pull out the bag he tries to say Jiu-Jitsu. While playing I mount him on our couch and put his hands on my knees and tell him we are doing Jiu-Jitsu “escape push my knees. Jiu-Jitsu heahhh”… I can’t wait to get him into class.

  10. Jose Aguirre says:

    Gracie Games is the perfect place to keepitplayful.

  11. Jaime Torres says:

    after attending your Keep It Playful Seminar at Minot, ND, our team from GJJ Winnipeg thought about what you said of giving your sparring partner the opportunity to find that submission by allowing them to mount you or side mount you, to discover what other opportunities you could learn from that scenario. It changed our mindset and will continue to keep it playful from here onwards. Thank you again @RyronGracie for the great opportunity. Take care bro!

  12. Working on the Bullyproof @Home program. Kids like it so far… been through most of the games. Looking forward to coming visit to Cali some day. (we don’t have any local Gracie schools).

  13. Colin says:

    I wish that I had started Jiu Jitsu (or Judo, because where I live is no Jiu Jitsu school) earlier.
    Now I moved and i’m able to train 6 times a week in a really good school.
    By the way, i proposed several times, that you should do a seminar tour in Europe, Germany included. 😉

  14. brancobelt says:

    As someone who started in their 20s, took ten years off and is now starting again in my 30s, I think about this daily. I wish I had kept at it when I was younger. My 7 year-old has been expressing interest in following in dad’s footsteps, so he’s coming with me to the next class to see if it’s really something he’ll be interested in. If he decides to start up, the next step is to enroll him in class and buy a set of mats so he can drill with dad at home.

  15. napierbjj says:

    I will be starting up kids classes at my school at the start of 2013. I have your Bullyproof DVD set for my own daughter at home. She’s only two months old right now but she loves you and your brothers voices. So many smiles when she hears you guys say “PERFECT!”

  16. Bryan Estabrooks says:

    We have been having such a blast #keepingitplayful and making our kids #Bullyproof that I have been talking to my wife about gutting the garage of the clutter and starting a #GracieGarage! Thank you for the continued inspiration. Watched Metamoris again last night w/my oldest. Love watching our local Lovato Jr. Winning, but my son’s favorite match is yours. He can’t wait to meet you guys some day!

  17. Vinnie Marrujo says:

    My son is 11 yrs old, a 3 stripe yellow, competed in over 25 tourneys with a lot of golds in the process, waiting till he turns 12 to get his orange. He also trains freestyle wrestling to supplement his BJJ. He’s always been a playful little dude when it comes to BJJ and has been very successful as a result. Lately I’ve noticed his lack of attention to technique and just sloppyness all around. He has his days where he’s in beast mode and nobody in the class can stop him despite being the littlest guy in there but those are few and far between now. He still tells me he loves it and wants to compete without me even asking him and both of us still train 3 to 4 days a week. I’m starting to wonder if he’s burning out or just turning into a teenager or both. He’s been training since he was 8. When I help teach the kids class I constantly have to tell him to focus and stop “chasing butterflies” on the mat. He doesn’t wanna take a break or anything but I’m wondering if a month off or maybe a season of football or baseball would get him focused again. What would you suggest being that you’ve been drilling sprawls since you were in the womb?

    • I would say take a break from competing and just train a few times a week. It is a very common age to fall of track. The parents expectations and pressure help that happen sooner than later. Especially for someone who has been successful he is feeling a little bit of pressure to maintain that which he has reached. If you train also you can take some time and train together and really build him through this time right before becoming a teenager. I took a break around 12 where I was forced to train 1 a week and then came back around later.

  18. Twila says:

    Began Bullyproof program at my karate school. It compliments what we do and helps make it a well rounded program. I always knew something was missing and now I know what. The kids want it every class above all else and I love it as well! Hope to get my blue belt someday through video testing. My 11 year old is recovering from major brain surgery and a stroke he suffered through it but once he’s going again he wants to be involved as well. I received one of your keep it playful patches for my uniform when I ordered a book at Christmas time. I am going to make sure my students keep it that way. The parents love seeing their kids having so much fun while at the same time really progressing in something so important. You guys are outstanding teachers! I learn how to be a better teacher just from watching your all and seeing how you instruct. Thanks for such a great movement. Keep it up!!!

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  22. flyjohno says:

    My Son, who is now 9, wrestled a year ago, had a great deal of success and abruptly quit. He didn’t like how intense the culture was and the emphasis on winning. . He started at a local CTC last October has been hooked. His “greatest day of Jiu Jitsu ever” was at one of your seminars this summer. He even asked me to him a KIP patch for his gi the last time I was in Torrance. Thank you.

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