To appreciate the art to a level that when you start being defeated by people you expected to defeat, you still smile.


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I keep it playful for a living.
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  1. Ben Dempsey says:

    When you are old enough that you start getting defeated by people you expect to defeat, isn’t that the time to hang up your gloves?

    • No need to ever hang up the gi!! if you keep it playful and just enjoy the game you can play till 95 like Helio Gracie

    • GM says:

      I’m in the position now where I do get “defeated” from time to time (say once a night) by someone I thought I had figured out or viewed as “not a threat”. Often this is based on my age and skill level versus their age and skill level. When it happens, more often than not I just laugh and ask them to do what they did again so I can learn something new.

  2. Blake says:

    Well put brother. Hope you can bring the tour through Birmingham, AL at somepoint. If not, maybe somewhere in the Southeast. Great stuff

  3. Joseph says:

    When is the Keep it playful seminar going to make its way out to the east coast?

  4. Jose Aguirre says:

    Just found out about your upcoming match with Andre Galvao. Keepitplayful. I’ll be watching and learning.

  5. hawkhardy says:

    After a lot of years I’m finally starting to make strides at this. I’m starting to roll more to learn then to win. I appreciate your help and patience in this. I’ve still got a long way to go, but your approach has helped me in more ways then I could have imagined.

  6. Joel in Alaska says:

    I have applied this philosophy to my jiujitsu training, and i feel more free when i let the worries of getting tapped or trying to tap my opponent go…i am more happy and smiling after a good roll =) thank you for putting into words what i feel when i train jiujitsu

  7. Rod says:

    I just got done reading these articles in KeepItPlayful and I have to say this mindset makes so much sense and will definitely allow me to grow as a Jiujitsu practitioner. Thank you Ryron for writing these articles they have really helped me. Keep it up OSSS!

  8. jdizyc1981 says:

    I am a small so I am always getting submitted by someone new. It is nice to see new students grow to be able to defend and sure enough soon they are attacking successfully. It’s nice for them but difficult for me to accept sometimes. I am a purple belt and female. It seems like there is a standard in jiu jitsu that at a certain level you should not be getting submitted by white and blue belts anymore regardless of size. Is that reasonable? I want to be the best I can be. Sometimes I think of trading my purple for a blue because of the pressure, feels like I am grappling with wild animals sometimes. I love high level rolling; it must be that adjusting for size is not easily accomplished at lower levels.

    • Its absolutely ok if you have a hard time w White and blue belts. And it is very difficult to reach a level that you do not get tapped out by lower belts.Do not compare yourself to anyone other than yourself. most importantly do not expect too much from yourself other than trying to have fun. Remember what keeps you coming back to the mat.

  9. Lloyd says:

    Play has been around forever as a method for engaging people to learn…without the expectations of anything other then the process itself. To me the highest level of any Art is Play…but a lot of people only equate Play to children which is unfortunate.

  10. Alfred varon says:

    I want to put the keep it playful tag on my gi. How can I do that? I am a soldier and since I have been following this Way of thinking. My life has improved so much! Thank You

  11. Serge says:

    My name is Serge and I live in Gatineau/Ottawa (CANADA)…I’m 38 years and started Bjj almost a year ago and my ego was so high that I was trying so hard not to tap out that I got so many injuries. I decided to ready about the history of the Art and I discovered the true philosophie behind it. I started watching yours videos (You and Rener) in order to align my readings and real actions. Your fight at metamoris was basically the exclamation point.
    I embrassed the philosophie and adopted the “keepitplayful” mindset… My game is improving the right way with no injuries (Knock on wood) and LOTS of fun so far…I even started preaching the Gracie philosophie and the mindset. All that to say “THANKS” to your Grand-father “Grand-Master” Helio Gracie and the rest of your family for this valuable lesson that I apply in my everyday life not only in Jiujitsu.
    This has changed my life (patience, keeping things simple, waiting for the right moment to make a move, etc…). I was kinda disappointed to learn this at 38 but better late than ever. My dream will be to meet you or your brother Rener or any of your brothers (Ralek…) one day…If one day, you guys come to Canada (Ottawa or Toronto or even some place close), please post it on the Gracie University website or the Gracie Insider and I will definitely be there.

    Much appreciation

  12. bjj belts says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on jiu jitsu techniques grappling.


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