KeepItPlayful: Practice at a pace that allows you to play forever while increasing reflexes and preparing for battle.

I wanted to start this blog to share my outlook on the long term practice of anything, especially physical and competitive things. I believe that if you KeepItPlayful, as defined above, you will enjoy playing much more and for longer.

Everyone who trains Jiu-jitsu would like to train Jiu-Jitsu forever. The KeepItPlayful movement is dedicated to making that possible.



About KeepItPlayful

I keep it playful for a living.
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21 Responses to Hello

  1. This attitude toward training is great. Sadly, it is almost always lacking in jiu jitsu in America. I’m hoping your efforts will change this. Keep up the good work.

  2. mike says:

    if my training partner keptitplayful I wouldn’t have reruptured a disc in my back. There’s not a camera on you every time you’re training. take the ego out of it….

  3. slideyfoot says:

    Interesting: I have my reservations about some of the Gracie Academy philosophy, but a ‘keep it playful’ mindset sounds much more up my street. So, I look forward to reading the rest of the blog. 😀

    For the last few years I’ve been attempting to focus on techniques and approaches that could lead to longevity in jiu jitsu (e.g., de-emphasising physical attributes like strength, speed and flexibility). Hopefully I’ll be able to follow the example of previous training partners of mine who are still going strong into their 70s, like the inspirational Pete Griffiths. 🙂

  4. Finally!!! There are not a lot of people who see jiu-jitsu as a intern martial art. But as you grow older, with the wife and the kids, it becomes important to practice your art in a way that you can practice it for many years without hurting your body. Hopes your philosophy will spread around all the schools.

  5. Andres Garza says:

    I want to be training for my whole life, can we skype for 5 or 10 min? to comment with you and evaluate our Gracie Garage path, to correct it and follow the right one.

    • Send me a email as to what is on your mind. dont know my skype password have to get it re assigned. As for a right or wrong path that does not exist. The key is to follow the path that you want to be on. think about your goals.

  6. Great blog Ryron. Thanks for the info.

  7. K-Yo Victor says:

    Ryryon, i was 8 years far from JJ, but now comming back.
    It is great what you and your brother is doing. In my past training time, i was teach exacly to this.
    Self-defense, honor and real jiu jitsu, in your academy my mester never said about points and good positions, only about defense and submission.
    I really wanna come to your place to take live classes with you guys.
    One question: You and rener are brazilians or Us Citizens, speak portuguese.

    Best Regrads
    Caio Tobias

  8. Kobi says:

    I am always a huge believer in ryron’s philosophy to keepitplayful. Eventhough i practice judo which is a competitive sport, i often tell my friends that its better to enjoythemoment and keepitplayful 🙂

  9. Martin Fagelund says:

    Thank you for everything! (Sorry for bad English)
    Gracie Jiu Jitsu has really helped me in life so far. The mindset “Keep It Playful” is really working for me, not just for jiu jitsu, but for my other sport. The way to think is incredible, I really enjoy it.

    This is kind of how I see it: hahah 😀
    Keep It PLAYFUL
    P = Passion (Passion to the art).
    L = Learning (Learn the positions and all the opportunities).
    A= Attack (Don’t be afraid to go outside the comfort zone. The more you do it, the more familiar you will be with it).
    Y= YOLO (You Only Live Once, so Keep It Playful). Hahah!
    F= Fun (Have fun. One of the most important things).
    U= Understanding (Understand the art Gracie jiu jitsu and the philosophy).
    L= Losing (By getting caught and taping out, you have just learned something).

  10. Dan says:

    I like this philosophy. I’ve found that my best rolls ,and the ones that taught me the most, were the ones where the attitude was more of that as a child trying to learn something new.

  11. Heath says:

    Happy Birthday, Keep It Playful!

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